Individual bags of nut free candy and chocolate!  Bo & Ty Sweets dabs are the perfect size for lunch boxes, party favors, Halloween and Valentines Day.  Every dab is 100% peanut free and tree nut free.

Dabs (Pack of 20)

$ 23.99

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The Dab is just that.  A dab of sweetness in a cute little 0.5 ounce bag.  Each dab is filled with candy that is 100% peanut free and tree nut free; completely allergy friendly and school safe.  Dabs are perfect for lunch boxes, after school snacks, playdates, school celebrations and of course Halloween (seasonal).  Best of all, the serving size is just right so that there's no guilt, no tears, just smiles.  Nut-free.

Sold in packages of 20. Choose your assortment or purchase a mix!

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