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Your camper will love "STASH IT!"  This waterproof zippered pouch comes stashed with your choice of Candy Mix (lots of nut-free candy) or Party Mix (bunk games, rest hour activities, color war gear, nut-free candy, etc).  See complete product descriptions below.

A unique and awesome bunk gift, this clear pouch has our signature "I HEART CAMP" logo on the side and is filled with enough candy and activities for the entire bunk to enjoy.  Your camper can re-use this amazing camp pouch for trinkets and knick knacks all summer long.  This is a perfect gift for the bus ride up to camp, visiting day or a summer birthday celebration.   Happy camper smiles guaranteed!

Candy Mix:  16 dabs of chocolate, gummy candy, sour gummy candy and jelly beans.

Party Mix:  a set of jacks, a set of beads and string in camp colors, color war sunglasses, a retro stacking crayon and shimmer notepad, and 5 dabs of chocolate, gummy candy, sour gummy candy and jelly beans.  

Camp bunk gift filled with nut free and peanut free candy and other bunk junk including set of jacks, sunglasses, camp string and beads, notepad and pencil
Camp cosmetic pouch filled with assorted dabs of nut-free candy!  This clear pouch, filled with 100% peanut and tree nut free candy, makes a uniquely awesome bunk gift!