Camp cosmetic pouch filled with assorted dabs of nut-free candy!  This clear pouch, filled with 100% peanut and tree nut free candy, makes a uniquely awesome bunk gift!

"I HEART CAMP" Cosmetic Pouch filled with Nut-Free Candy (Dabs)

$ 19.99

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Waterproof zippered camp cosmetic pouch filled with assorted single serve dabs of nut-free candy!  A unique and awesome bunk gift, this clear pouch has our signature "I HEART CAMP" logo on the side and is filled with 12 dabs - enough nut-free candy for the entire bunk to enjoy.  When the candy is gone, your camper can use the pouch for toiletries, stationary or knick knacks all summer long.  This is a perfect gift for the bus ride up to camp, visiting day or a summer birthday celebration.   Happy camper smiles guaranteed!

Candy options include:  Variety Pack, Gummy and Sour Gummy Mix, Chocolate Mix

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