This holiday gift set for includes 4 Christmas ornaments filled with peanut free, tree nut free and gluten free chocolate candy.

Holiday Gift Set Filled with Nut-Free Candy

$ 24.99

  • Description

Treat someone special to a gift box of Bo & Ty's Holiday Sweets!  Each box contains 4 nut-free gift items.   

Holiday Gift Box Options Include

  • Gift Set of Ornaments - This box contains 4 Christmas ornaments, each filled with our Christmas mix of nut-free chocolate beads and secured with a festive bow on top.
  • Gift Set of Dreidels - This box contains 4 colorful Hanukkah dreidels, each filled with blue and silver nut-free chocolate beads and wrapped in a silver bow.
  • Gift Set of Holiday Minis - This variety gift box contains 4 beautiful mini jars, each filled with a different type of nut-free candy:  chocolate beads, chocolate discs, gummy candy and jelly beans. 

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