About Us


We believe in a treat for everyone.

As the parents of two children with serious nut allergies, we know that a sweet treat is one of the simple joys of childhood. But for anyone with food allergies - and their parents - it can be the heartbreak.

Your child feels singled out, separate and different. And, there's not much happy about it.

So, at Bo & Ty Sweets, we create treats for everyone. We remove the uncertainty and turn up the joy. For not just one person - or some people - but everyone. 

We create candy experiences that are not just lame substitutes, but the sweets that everyone wants. We are about 100% safe candy and chocolate that makes more people happy.

It sometimes feels like food allergies can destroy simple pleasures of being a kid. We believe the pure joy of a sweet treat belongs to everyone. We aim to give everyone peace of mind and make it all fun again.

Full of fun. Free of nuts.




We provide a safe, nut-free candy experience - each order can be created, packaged and personalized for you.

We remove the uncertainty by researching, vetting and curating the candy experience - we only carry and handle 100% pre-packaged nut-free candy in a range of sizes and packaging.



LANI is a mother of three whose third child Tyler was the first one in the family to be born with serious food allergies. 


RACHEL's oldest child, Boaz, is allergic to peanuts and tree nuts.  



Bo & Ty Sweets was born one July afternoon when Rachel spent way too much time at a candy store trying to determine which treats were nut-free for a camp care package for Boaz. Later that day, Rachel noticed Lani struggling to find a nut-free treat for her son Tyler at a nearby coffee shop.

A tap on the shoulder, a shared frustration and we went on to partner to create Bo & Ty Sweets, a nut-free candy company.

The combination of Lani's background in promotional candy and confections, Rachel's background in strategy consulting and our shared experience as mothers of children with serious nut allergies has led us to develop a growing brand that fills the void in the marketplace for safe and fun nut-free sweets.

Our clients today are parents, parents of kids whose friend's have nut-allergies, schools, camps and play spaces. Together, we believe that we can make a tangible difference in the lives of those with food allergies by creating treats for everyone.