Personalized camp party favor and bunk gift which includes set of jacks and peanut free and nut free candy

DAB IT DELUXE! (20 pack)

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Treat all the campers in your child's bunk to his/her own dab of candy AND a his/her own set of jacks with DAB IT DELUXE!  This amazing party favor pack includes twenty individual 0.5 oz bags of nut-free candy and chocolate with your camp logo* on top PLUS twenty sets of jacks so the kids can snack while they play!  DAB IT DELUXE! is perfect for summer birthday party favors and visiting day bunk gifts!  

Nut-free.  Sold in pack of 20.

* If you don't select your camp, the sticker on top will say "Sweet Summer!" instead of your camp logo.

DAB IT DELUXE! (20 pack)