Ty's Tips for Trick or Treating With Nut Allergies

We get it.  Trick or treating with a nut allergy is scary.  Part of the reason we created our company is to make holidays like Halloween more fun for kids who have food allergies.  At Bo & Ty Sweets, we have over 10 years of trick or treating with food allergies under our belts and we have gathered tips along the way that we are sharing with you today.  If you plan ahead and follow Ty's Tips for Trick or Treating with Nut Allergies, we guarantee you will feel way less frightful on Halloween!  

Ty's Tips for Trick or Treating With Nut Allergies

1.  Teach your child not to open or taste any treats while trick or treating.  Have her wait until she is home where you can check labels carefully.

2.  Teach your child how to read food labels on his own (but make sure you double check everything to make sure nothing gets overlooked).   This will be good practice for him going forward anyway!  

3.  Have your child wear an allergy-alert bracelet and/or sticker on the outside of her costume that clearly states her allergy to alert trick or treat givers of his situation.  We love these glow in the dark bracelets by Allergy Superheroes.

4.  Carry hand wipes just in case your child accidentally comes into contact with any food that is unsafe.

5.  Carry 2 doses of epinephrine, antihistamine and a charged phone.  If you are not going to be with your child, make sure the medicine is on his person or with a grown up who is going to be with him at all times.

6.  Teach her to look out for teal pumpkins, which indicate that the house either has allergy friendly treats or non-edible gifts.

7.  Bring a handful of Bo & Ty Sweets Halloween Dabs, nut-free treats that you can trade with your child whenever he receives unsafe treats during the night.  Keep extra Dabs at home to continue trading after trick or treating comes to an end.


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