Living With Food Allergies - Bo & Ty Sweets Founder Says To Always Have A Game Plan!

Hi everyone!

After a long and relaxing summer, everyone is finally back at school and settling in. My son’s school is nut-free which has been a huge relief but it got me thinking about some of my personal experiences over the summer and how the lack of structure with a food allergy kid is so hard. Maybe some of you can relate.

My son was in day camp but it ended at the beginning of August and so it was a long stretch of time before school started just this week. Mom camp was in full effect and never have I appreciated the help of a camp director and counselors more! In addition to trying to come up with fun activities for us to do together, I also had to plan our nut free foods and nut free snacks with military precision! Leaving the house was never as simple as putting on bathing suits and heading to the beach. If we were going for the day, I had to consider where we were going to eat lunch before we even ate breakfast at home and what foods my son would safely be able to eat at the snack bar.  And when it was time for the ice cream truck, I had to pre game our order so as not to hold up a line of impatient kids behind us while I checked the labels before allowing my son to eat. There’s nothing worse than when your food allergic child picks something out and is excited about it only to be told they can’t have it because it isn’t safe.
We’re figuring it out though and, as silly as it sounds, my son and I are starting to work as a team and pre gaming together! Does anyone out there have any good tips about getting out of the house quickly with your food allergy child? Do you prep the night before? Do you all restaurants ahead of time? Please share your secrets with us - we would love to hear and will post your tips on our social media.
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