Labels, Labels, and More Labels!

With the start of the new year, almost everyone I know is checking, checking, checking their food labels. We all seem to be committed to being a better version of ourselves at the beginning of January! I have to chuckle a little bit, though, as I see my non-food allergy friends doing it as obsessively as I do for my son all year long - it’s like: Welcome to my world! Every single meal, treat, snack etc. requires my close reading of food labels to insure that the food I’m serving doesn’t contain anything that will harm my nut-allergic son. I will admit though, sometimes if it’s something I know he has eaten in the past, I don’t recheck the labels which is not the smartest idea. 
Recently I’ve been reading about some true tragedies that have happened to children with food allergies and many of them stem from complacency like what I described above. So my new year’s resolution is to stay vigilant and read every label even if it is something I’ve already served. I’m also resolved to not feeling embarrassed or sheepish at a friend’s house or restaurant when the need arises to ask about what ingredients are in the food. And, as I see our first international family trip on the horizon where language will be a barrier, I resolve to take a deep breath and keep telling myself that I am doing the best I can and will continue to do - as are all of you allergy parents out there!
Happy New Year!
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