Food Allergy Awareness Month Is Here: what YOU can do to help spread awareness!

May 1st marks the start of National Food Allergy Awareness Month and not much is closer to our hearts at Bo & Ty Sweets than helping to spread awareness and keeping kids safe! We wanted to post a few tips to help you spread awareness in your community and also highlight some of the folks in our allergy community that are doing a fabulous job at this, too, for their tips as well! 
We allergy parents are not alone but instead, are part of this amazing community of people working to raise awareness together. See below for what you can do to do YOUR part:
1. Know the facts! 
It doesn’t matter if you’re the parent of a child with a food allergy or the parent of a child without a food allergy. If you are serving food during play dates, holidays, school socials, etc. make sure you are reading the ingredients carefully. Kids who are allergic to nuts not only can’t eat them, but many also cannot eat food made in the same facility as or on the same line as nut products. 
2. Double check! 
Do us all a favor and read the ingredient list twice just to be sure.
3. Wear Red Sneakers for Oakley - for more info on this charity dedicated to raising awareness about the dangers of food allergies, click here:
4. Use this month as a reminder to train your child, yourself, caregivers and friends on how to use the epic/auv-q.  Remember to always carry 2, just to be safe!  Link here for instructions on both:
5. FARE (Food Allergy Research & Education) has some great ideas to help build awareness including starting a team for your local food allergy walk, contacting your local officials to support a proclamation recognizing Food Allergy Awareness Week and more. Click here for ideas and info:
6. Be inclusive when planning parties or playdates.  Rather than assume that the child with the food allergy will bring his own "substitute" treat, why not make the extra effort to serve something that everyone can eat? Click here for safe, nut-free sweets:
7. Donate to the cause - whichever organization you choose, every donation you make works toward making a difference!
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