Am i Crazy? Or is it you?

Hi Everyone. Today I wanted to talk about planning for travel with food allergy kids. With February break behind us and additional school breaks coming up, I'm curious how people approach the travel planning process.

I personally have a 5 year old with food allergies (there's Ty below):

and he is just starting to understand what having food allergies mean. As a result, when I'm planning trips for our family, my number one priority is choosing a hotel that has rooms with kitchens. Admittedly, I have a houseful of picky eaters and eating out with our kids is usually a waste of time since they only eat pasta with butter. And with the addition of a child with serious nut allergies, it's easier for our family to just cook our meals, especially if there's a language barrier where we are traveling.

Many people probably think I'm insane and that traveling with kids with food allergies is a great opportunity to introduce them to the world as well as help them learn how to navigate their food allergies on their own. These people are totally comfortable as long as they have their epipens with them. For example, my business partner Rachel (whose son Bo is much older) goes out to eat a lot, but only to places where she feels she can establish a trusting relationship with the waiter and chef. She views it as a life lesson in how to live in the real world and models the questions he should always ask. Smart. Either way, we both always travel with some of our own food and treats, just in case, including these:

I'm so curious about what you and your family choose to do. Email us or direct message us on Instagram and Facebook to let us know! We want to hear from you.

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