Bo & Ty Sweets Tips for Managing Holiday Stress

Food allergy sufferers, we've got your back this holiday season!

With the holidays right around the corner, we are all gearing up for lots of parties and celebrations with family and friends.  Sounds fun, but what that translates to for food allergy families is:  "Oh no.  There will be lots of food. Cooked and prepared by lots of people. Not in my own kitchen or under my watchful eye."  Scary predicament for those of us who have kids with food allergies!

We've put together a list of helpful tips to help mitigate the stress and ensure a smooth and reaction-free meal:

1.  Ask ahead of time who will be cooking each dish, so that you can reach out directly to each person and find out what ingredients they plan to use.  Ask them to show you food labels.  Be on the lookout for hidden ingredients like peanut oil and almond flour.  You can even supply them with allergy safe recipes if you are comfortable doing so.  

2.  Offer to be in charge of a few dishes that you know your child will enjoy.  Not only a main dish but also a nut-free dessert so that your child can safely eat something sweet at the end of the meal.  

We love the idea of bringing
 Bo & Ty Sweets mini  jars of nut-free candy, which can be placed in front of every set at the kids table during dessert. The kids will love having their own jar of candy, and your allergic child will feel SAFE BUT NOT SINGLED OUT. 

Another option for a sharable and safe treat is our beautiful Jumbo jar of candy which would make a fabulous hostess gift and dessert centerpiece. Everyone will enjoy taking scoops of delicious, nut-free candy to go along with their apple pie a la mode. Plus, when the candy is all gone, the beautiful apothecary jar can be re-used by the hostess for dry pasta, knick knacks, etc.

3.  Remind your host to use separate servers for each dish to avoid cross contamination.  Make sure you serve your allergic child first to be extra careful.  

4.  Bring wipes and encourage people wipe their hands after eating so that your child doesn't come into contact with any allergens that others might have eaten.  

5.  Always come prepared with 2 epinephrine injectors, anti-histomine and any other medication your child might need (such as asthma inhalers).  Make sure they are not expired.  

We wish you and your family a happy, healthy and safe holiday!! 


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