Halloween in my Rearview Mirror!

It’s November 1st and Halloween is successfully in our rearview mirror. Most kids are crashing from a sugar high today (as are their tired parents) but I am riding high because the most panic inducing night of my year is behind us - woohoo! 
Last night was most certainly better than last Halloween mostly because I was prepared. As so many parents of allergy kids do, I checked my pocketbook 10 times to make sure the epipen was in there. Made sure my phone was fully charged so that my flashlight worked. Promised my son I would buy him any toy he wanted if I had to take all his candy away. My husband and I each took a child so I could focus wholly on keeping my son safe and I had lots of Bo & Ty candy with me to quickly trade. We were a well oiled machine. 
However, even fully prepped, I still felt anxious. Every time we went to a house, I eyed the candy going in to his trick or treat bag. Well meaning friends and neighbors tried their best to have “safe” candy but it wasn’t always so I was busy pulling it out of the bag and quickly throwing safe candy in there. By the time we got home, I was mentally and physically exhausted. 
But, to be honest, he had the BEST time out there. Didn’t even really notice all of my maneuvers and just enjoyed being a kid in a lion costume. He felt completely safe and recognizing that made me feel good. Also knowing we’re 364 long days away from Halloween 2017! #safenotsingledout 
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